What Can't Be Unsaid


I knew that in a trusting relationship, you should never threaten or say things you don't mean, but my frustration got the best of me... I found myself saying "fine then, let's break up" when I absolutely had no intention of doing so. After he patiently listened to my words and helped calm me down, I asked him to punish me for my actions. I wanted him to know that I never want to part with him. The spanking was longer and more emotional than usual, and he used figging as a method for the first time (though it was short). Implements used: hand, bath brush, cane, mini paddle, belt, jump rope, riding crop, ginger (for figging).

Length: 56:34

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ImplementsBelt, strap, tawse
Cane, riding crop
Hair brush, bath brush
Jump rope
Wooden Paddle

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